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Commercial Restoration Storage Container Rental for Renovation Projects

PODS delivers solutions for commercial restoration and remediation companies to ensure a smooth and successful restoration process.

Prepare for Tomorrow’s Renovation Projects Today

Commercial Container Ramp Level Loading

Prepared for Commercial Restoration Projects

Your crew has what it needs to do the work. When the job is done, simply pack your PODS container for either long-term or temporary storage during renovations and have it transported back to your PODS Storage Center.
PODZILLA with Commercial Container

Designed to Help Renovation Companies

Rely on PODZILLA, our revolutionary lift system, to keep your renovation storage container contents level during loading and unloading. PODZILLA also allows our drivers to position containers in hard-to-reach spots.
PODS moving containers

Sized for Your Business Expansion

With three sizes of portable storage containers, PODS can provide the perfect fit for your renovation companies’ requirements. We also offer an all-steel container that’s available in many locations. Ask a PODS Business Solutions Specialist.
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Specialized to Support Your Restoration Solutions 

PODS has unmatched commercial restoration industry experience. For 20 years, we have been creating the ideal storage and container shipment solutions for our customers that provide renovation and restoration solutions. Put us to work for you.
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PODS moving and storage

White-Glove Service for Restoration Projects

Commercial restoration companies benefit from PODS’ 20 years of superior service and unmatched industry experience. We act as an extension of your business. Our Business Solution Specialists match the ideal container with your storage needs. We handle transport logistics when container deliveries to the restoration site are required.

Ready for Restoration Projects

Providing Cost-Effective Solutions for Renovation Companies
Save money when you buy cleaning and construction materials wholesale or in bulk. Depend on our fleet of PODS containers for long-term storage. Arrange with a PODS Business Solution Specialist to have your stocked and ready-to-go container meet your crew at the restoration project site when disaster strikes.
Helping with Renovation Solutions Throughout the Country 
PODS has secure indoor Storage Centers throughout the U.S and Canada*. Our sturdy, secure storage containers are an affordable way to set up where you want to be. Find a PODS renovation container location near you.
PODS moving truck

Restoration Business Renovation Managed

Managed Restoration Storage Containers
PODS builds your on-site and off-storage around your needs. Our sturdy, weatherproof containers provide flexible opportunities for getting your renovation or restoration job done efficiently.
Use PODS Storage Centers for Business Expansion
Our restoration and remediation containers offer the flexibility to keep storage and transportation costs down. Expect wind and water damage along the south and east coasts during hurricane season or building and structural destruction from windstorms in Tornado Alley. A PODS Business Solution Specialist can help your company prepare.
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Moving & storage For restoration Companies

Restoration Projects Made Easier

Commercial and corporate restoration projects are made easier with PODS sturdy, portable containers on the job. We can be there for your restoration or remediation, commercial expansion, or natural disaster cleanup and recovery efforts. A PODS Business Solution Specialist will make your work our priority from start to finish.

Renovation Companies Trust PODS

PODS storage and moving containers offer commercial restoration companies flexibility for storage, transport, and on-site utility.  Construction and cleaning equipment, special tools and instruments, and customer belongings can be stored securely on the job site or at one or more of our secure PODS Storage Centers.

Renovation Companies Stay Prepared

Whether damage is caused by fire, flood or natural disaster, you need the resources to do your job. Our Business Solution Specialists will arrange to have your materials transported from a PODS Storage Center to your job site.
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Storage and Transport Efficiency for Renovation Companies

Keep costs under control by saving your crews the time driving back and forth to load up trucks at a warehouse. A PODS Business Solution Specialist will see to it that your portable container arrives for your restoration and remediation projects. With a container, you will have a secure and flexible workspace on-site.
commercial restoration project managers

Storage Solutions for Restoration and Remediation

You know what you need on the renovation project job site for getting work done. It might be hoses, pumps, and humidity equipment to clean up water damage. Perhaps you use specialized equipment and cleaning supplies for mopping and eliminating mold growth. Chances are PODS has the restoration storage container for your job.
Indoor restoration project

Let PODS be an Extension of Your Renovation Company

Commercial restoration companies need the flexibility to rapidly respond to your clients’ catastrophic situations. You stand ready to provide full service general contracting and reconstruction services at a moment’s notice. PODS portable storage containers can be your on-site base of operations ready with supplies and equipment to be put to work.

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Client Success Stories

"When our home was thrown into disarray by a slab leak, PODS for Business was there. They understood our urgency and seamlessly navigated the process, ensuring a container was delivered to our driveway within hours. From start to finish, PODS for Business has been professional, responsive, and genuinely invested in helping us navigate a difficult situation. Their commitment to flexible solutions and superior customer service."

Homeowner - Charity Organization

"With PODS for Business proactive support and flexible solutions, I felt confident and in control throughout. Their dedication to exceeding expectations and making a potentially stressful situation seamless earns them my highest recommendation. If you require storage solutions, I wholeheartedly encourage you to partner with PODS for Business - you won't be disappointed."

Homeowner - Remodeling Organization

"PODS for Business has been a game-changer for our logistics and storage needs. Their flexible solutions have transformed how we manage our inventory and deliver to clients. PODS for Business eliminates the need for constant product shuffling or multiple truck movements, streamlining our entire process."

Co-Owner - Manufacturing

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*Commercial Container not available in all locations. Please call for more information.