PODS corporate relocation cross country case study

Short Notice Corporate Relocation Across the Country

PODS corporate relocation solution helped navigate city streets to securely move production equipment from coast to coast.

Blackbird Production Services, LTD.

Moving from NYC to L.A. isn’t easy, especially when dealing with city delivery, permits, and security issues. That’s why Blackbird Production chose PODS to solve its corporate relocation challenges.

PODS corporate relocation with Blackbird Productions


Blackbird Production Services needed to relocate from New York City to Los Angeles for a new Disney-related venture so Twining could collaborate with Disney's L.A.-based team. This involved moving Twining's personal effects and small assembly tools from her New York apartment with just a week's notice. Blackbird Production had to factor in multiple challenges: how to navigate the city streets with a large moving van, where to park legally, and how to keep belongings secure while emptying the apartment.

Twining did not have a car, and she didn't want to rent one just to drive her belongings across state lines to an affordable warehouse in New Jersey. Additionally, Twining only had temporary housing in Los Angeles. She needed a place to store items once they reached California, and she needed to manage the logistics of delivery to a permanent location.

City Service

The Solution: PODS City Service

Blackbird Production used PODS City Services for moving out of New York City. On the day of the move, the PODS driver parked outside the apartment building and kept watch as Twining's friends and production crew loaded all her items into the PODS container. Since PODS understands New York City's parking regulations, the driver ensured the move occurred without incident. In addition, PODS drove the goods cross-country and stored everything in a regional warehouse until, six weeks later, Blackbird Production moved everything out of the container in Los Angeles and into her new place.


“Moving in New York is one of the worst things about that city. It's so very stressful. PODS City Services took that stress out. The PODS guy was amazing, it was all so easy."

— Lily Twining, Founder and Owner, Blackbird Production Services, Ltd.

PODS corporate relocation cross country case study

The Results: Peace of Mind for City Moving

PODS gave Lily Twining of Blackbird Production Services the peace of mind she needed to attend to a stressful challenge like moving out of New York City. The specialized services delivered multiple advantages:

To prevent theft, the PODS driver watched over all goods being loaded into the waiting container so Twining didn't have to dedicate one of her own team members to do the same.

PODS handled the driving. Twining didn't own a car in New York and first considered renting one to move her effects to the closest warehouse, which was across the river in New Jersey.

PODS navigates urban streets and knows local regulations regarding parking and loading.

PODS delivered the services on a short one-week notice — other companies Twining called needed at least a four-week period — and was flexible with timelines regarding business storage options in Los Angeles. Flexibility on short notice gave Blackbird Production Services that all goods would be secure and delivered reliably when needed.

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“I called PODS with a really short timeline of a week. They were fabulous and worked to deliver professional services so quickly. They took care of just parking on the street for a few hours and I didn't have to worry about getting a permit and all that, that was huge for me."

— Lily Twining, Founder and Owner, Blackbird Production Services, Ltd.

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