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Seamless Logistics for Dow Harper Emergency Restoration

Emergency restoration services company Dow Harper found an effective solution for managing the storage logistics of client property for residential and commercial projects.

Dow Harper Emergency Restoration and Reconstruction

Dow Harper specializes in providing emergency restoration and reconstruction services for both residential and commercial properties. The company considers it a primary responsibility to respond as quickly as possible when a catastrophic loss occurs to expedite the process of restoring properties that have been affected by flood, fire, or storm back to original condition. By partnering with PODS for logistics services, Dow Harper is able to efficiently move and store client belongings during projects.
Fire flood and natural disaster restoration

The Challenge: Expedient Response to Client Needs

According to the Weather Channel, Little Rock ranks among the top 10 cities where homes are likely to be hit by a tornado. When such natural disasters strike — along with fire, flood, and other life-changing scenarios — Dow Harper restores properties back to their pre-loss condition. Often, that means moving client property out of damaged locations and storing it on-site or near-site while reconstruction services commence. Then, at a project's end, there are the logistics challenges of returning client belongings into the newly restored businesses or homes.
Fire flood and natural disaster restoration

The PODS Solution: Dependability and Agility

In order to ensure a client's quick recovery, Kim Goss, Director of Operations, contacts her trusted vendors to get the materials and tools needed to get the job done for disaster recovery. Working in the industry for more than twenty years, Goss says, "I've never used anyone other than PODS for my portable storage needs. Their reliability and follow-through makes them the vendor of choice for our clients and customers. I've used them throughout my entire career."

With a single phone call, Goss can arrange "from four to forty" containers to arrive on a specific date, and then not worry about it.  "I've never had a problem with PODS. I give them the information, and they make it happen."

Dow Harper has years' experience in the cleaning, restoration, and construction industries and works with insurance companies to get properties back to pre-loss condition. PODS allows Dow Harper to focus on clean-up instead of logistics.
business storage container

The Result: A Quick Return to "Normal"

Client belongings can be loaded into the containers, and then either kept on-site or in near-site storage centers. Thanks to PODZILLA, PODS' state-of-the-art hydraulic lift system, clients can have their stocked containers moved during the reconstruction process. And they don't have to worry because their container contents stay level and won't shift when loaded and unloaded on PODS trucks.

PODS' flexible delivery schedule means as the work finishes, containers can be unloaded with same day service, allowing clients to get back to their lives faster and less stressfully. PODS is the one solution that Dow Harper trusts for their moving and storage needs.

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