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Precision General Commercial Contractor

Based in Sausalito, California, PGCC is a construction company specializing in the rehabilitation and construction of multi-family real estate.

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Precision needed storage and moving services on short notice to relocate its Sacramento staff permanently to six offices in a building undergoing renovation 10 miles away. The company had less than two weeks to move desks, printers, computers and supplies to the new location. Precision needed safe, on-site, weather-resistant storage for equipment, furniture, signage, first aid kits and eye wash stations to be used at the company's many other construction sites.
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A PODS container provided Precision GCC with a flexible solution for its moving and on-site storage needs. Precision worked directly with a PODS' regional sales director, who swiftly set up the company's account and assigned pickup and delivery times for the container. PODS picked up and delivered the loaded container on time, using its PODZILLA level-load lift system to minimize shifting of fragile electronics and furniture.

“PODS was less expensive and a lot easier to use than taking everything to a storage facility and paying for movers and a moving truck. Using PODS helped us save money and time. And time is money, especially in construction."
— Dale Medlyn, Regional Senior Project Manager, Precision GCC

"PODS showed up on time to deliver and pick up the container. That's important, especially when scheduling people to unload. You don't want people just standing around waiting." 
— Dale Medlyn, Regional Senior Project Manager, Precision GCC

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Coordinated pickup and delivery times with one point of contact at PODS enabled Precision GCC to complete its move ahead of schedule. Precision's employees loaded the container, and Precision saved money by not needing to hire movers, rent trucks and pay for off-site storage. Meanwhile, the PODS container on-site offered easy access to stored items, eliminating employee drive time to an off-site storage facility. Although the building renovation is complete, Precision continues to use a PODS container for on-site storage at the new location and recommends PODS as a moving and storage solution to its subcontractors.
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“Getting an account set up with PODS only took 10 minutes, which saved a lot of time." 
— Dale Medlyn, Regional Senior Project Manager, Precision GCC

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