School Renovation Storage

Responsive Storage and Logistics for A School Renovation

Learn about how a private school relied on PODS to facilitate a tricky relocation, renovation, and move-in process.

Solutions for A Growing Private School

For one private school serving children from preschool to eighth grade, a progressive curriculum integrated with arts and academics led to a fast growing student body. As this school outgrew its space in a residential community, it began renting extra space from a nearby church. For the past six years, grade-level classes have met in the church, with the preschool several streets away on the school's original grounds. Recently, when two apartment buildings located next to the preschool campus were listed for sale, the school purchased both to bring the entire student body back to one location.

School Renovation Storage

The Challenge: A Tight Budget and Schedule

After purchasing the two former apartment buildings, this private school launched a renovation project, which took much longer than anticipated, according to the school staff. School leaders didn't want to pay rent at the church throughout the summer months because school wouldn't be in session, but they couldn't move their furniture and supplies into the new space yet. 

As the renovations progressed, it became clear that the school might be scrambling to move in before the new school year was scheduled to begin. This private school needed an affordable place to store furniture and classroom supplies for June, July and August, as well as an easy way to move in as soon as the new school building renovations were complete.
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The PODS Solution: Temporary Storage Units

After seeing the PODS containers around town, the school staff reached out for storage units. Three PODS containers could hold all of the school's equipment during construction, and would cost less than paying rent to the church for the classrooms all summer. When the 2018-2019 school year came to a close, the school staff and volunteers loaded three PODS containers and emptied their space at the church. Because concrete was not yet poured in the new location, PODS delivered the containers to preschool location, next to the new buildings under renovation, for temporary storage. 

Finally, a little more than a week before school was to start, construction on the new buildings was nearing completion. With only a few days' notice, the school administration found out they would be able to move in. They contacted the local PODS manager and added the private school to the schedule with short notice to make sure they could start classes on time.
School Renovation Storage

The Results: School Is in Session

PODS delivered the containers to the new school space. Within two days, school staff and volunteers had unloaded everything. When PODS staff picked up the containers a few days later, faculty and staff were busy organizing classrooms and preparing for students to arrive in less than a week.

With the newly renovated campus and the move complete, the grade school students are now located next to the preschool. Parents, teachers, and administrators no longer have to travel back and forth between the two campuses. Furthermore, older students are enjoying their newly renovated space, with close proximity to the open field and park across the street and plenty of opportunities for outdoor learning.
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